Let’s talk about money because that’s what everybody interested in.

In the table below you can see our prices which are applicable for the whole team. You will pay the same amount of money whether you come as a couple or gather a whole team of 6 friends. It’s about a price of a good cinema ticket but this kind of amusement has a lot more in it.

Our prices are the same for all of our rooms.

We got good news as well! We are giving you a 100% money back guarantee if somehow you would feel that you did not get the thing what you would expect for your money. There will be no waffle about it we give our word for that.

Payment methods:

- Bank transaction to the following bank account: Raiffeisen Bank - 12011148-01539403-00100000 (Transferee: iTernity Kft)

- Cash at our place: it is possible as well of course.

- OTP és K&H Szépkártya: We don’t think that you got this kind of card at all because it is a hungarian stuff but if you got it you can pay with it from the “freetime” pocket.



Team ticket.

Your very first escaping will cost 12000 HUF, but the great news is that you will receive a 30% discount card for your next game here.

For 2 people

If only the two of you would like to play, then you could enjoy this special price.

For re-entrant teams.

In that case you have already visited one our games, your next game will only cost 7200 HUF. You are not allowed to use it with other discounts.

Special Packages

Find more information about the special Roomescape Packages here!