Exit games have a short history during which they gained great popularity. This is proved very well by the fact that in the third year of their operation there are at least 50 places in Budapest, Hungary offering escaping, as a free time activity.

We are proud to tell, we were there at the beginnings, setting up the first exit games and also have taken part actively in popularizing them. Accordingly it is not surprising, that the spreading of escaping is unstoppable and most of the exit games abroad are somehow in connection with Hungarian exit rooms. We would like to help that process, and with our know-how and experiences support success, your success!

In recent years, we have discovered that there is an increasing interest in buying our rooms, including the plot and the riddles we invented and put together. Therefore we created our “how to”-pendrive. This pendrive has all the information you need to set up your own escape room from scratch, anywhere in the world. It includes files, pictures, inventory lists, and some videos on how to set up the room. The pack also includes a brief on the plot and on the game, step¬by-step. Also, if you have troubles setting up your room or you just don’t want to waste your time by trying to match the puzzles, we offer a help desk, therefore, if you will, we are happy to help you build your exit rooms personally. Over and above there is an option as well, when we absolutely weight off your shoulders (take every burden off your shoulders?) and do the purchasing of equipment and building as well, so your only task is to take over the keys of the room, which is ready to be played.

We offer personalized prices in all cases, included specific requests. For more information do not hesitate to contact our colleague via any availabilities below.